Sofie Sund Photography | Redefining Ordinary with Canon
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Redefining Ordinary with Canon

I am currently working with Canon on a campaign called “Redefine Ordinary” where we set out to find some everyday spots and capture them from a little less ordinary perspective. I’ve been using the camera EOS M5, which Canon recently launched. This camera became quickly a good companion, it is perfect for traveling or just capturing ordinary life in your hometown. It’s small and light, but the quality still amazing! The camera came with a 15-45mm and also an adapter so that you’re able to use all your canon-lenses with this camera too.

As part of the campaign, Canon and Google challenged me to #RedefineOrdinary and I decided to find some different places that I like or think would be interesting to visit. Some of them I’ve visited many times before and are very ‘ordinary’, and others I’d only been to once. When I went to these places I tried to see them in a different way than I usually do and tried to notice details that I hadn’t seen before or think other people wouldn’t normally notice.

One of the places I went to in Oslo to photograph was the Opera House. This building is photographed A LOT, and I am also one of those who have been there many times to take pictures. But this time I tried to think different and take some pictures with a different perspective.

Another place I went to was the Botanical garden. This is one of my favorite places in Oslo, but it is also a place that is very popular. But the thing is you can never really get tired of this place. There are so many things to photograph, and it looks a little different every time you visit. You just have to look for the small details.

Google has made a little map with 10 of the places I visited in Oslo. Under each place on this map I’ve written a small review that includes a couple of pictures. Remember that you can also be a part of this campaign by exploring your city and tagging them on Instagram with #RedefineOrdinary. You can also give back to your own local neighborhood by improving the quality of images we find when we search for places in Google Maps.


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